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Angel Charging Plate Orgonite
Angel Charging Plate Orgonite

Orgonite creates a powerful healing by balancing the electro-magnetic waves originating from common devices such as microwave ovens, mobile phones and wifi. In this field of invisible pollution, orgonites can help fight the fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration and headaches that these energy waves create.

Our lovely range of energy cleansing and self-generating orgonites are made by hand and with love by our guest artist Serhan Vardali. Serhan has worked very patiently to create us a magnificent selection of beautiful, multi-layered orgonites, combined with various crystals such as quartz, shungite and turquiose. Each one of Serhan’s pieces is unique.

Our range has a variety of orgonite accumulators for your space. For example, Orgonite Plates come in 2 sizes, Large (14 cm dm) and Small (12 cm dm), each with a different design. Please feel free to ask for one of your preferred choice.

You can use this device to cleanse your drinks and charge your foods. The way the orgonite is built will charge or preserve your food. Organic food tends to rot quickly and orgonite plates can be used under your food or placed in the fridge to prevent this. Crushed metals and crystals compressed in resin amplify their power and this helps food to be preserved for a longer time. You can also use plates to cleanse your crystals by simply placing them onto it. The setting of intentions is always helpful as a starting point.

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A little history on “THE ORGONE THEORY”

In 1930s Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst developed the 'ORGONE' Theory.
This theroy was about the etheric bio-energetic life force which existed and animated our environment. This was not the first time we heard of this, it was rather a common theory in cultures from the East; such as Chinese Medicine or Prana Practice. “Chi” energy was what he was curious about, this energy appeared to be everywhere, he was fascinated to study its functions and uses.

He found out that the key to physical and mental health was the balance of this orgone energy which he divided into two categories – 'Positive Orgone Energy' and anti-biological ‘Deadly Orgone Energy’. The positive orgone as organized, structured and coherent, while anti-biological deadly orgone energy was ‘stagnant’ and lead to decay and entropy – very similar to the idea of ‘blockages’ of the meridians in the Chinese medicine.

His interest in this subject led him to build various orgone devices such as the Orgone Accumulator Box . The box was used for experimenting with blocking radiations for cancer patiens. No cure was promised and no money was charged. This box was (composed of alternating layers of wool and metal) and accumulated, while infusing the patient with a high concentration of orgone energy. Faster healing, increased plant growth, and positive effects on cancer patients were noted.
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Following my divorce, I was left in a home that held lots of memories - both good and bad - but the main feelings I had were anger, sadness and regret. I was keen to move forward and rid myself of these negative emotions. I called in Holistic Cleaners for a So Deep clean and Declutter. The process was so cathartic and it really worked! I was left with a home that was not only neat and sparkling clean but also felt warm, welcoming and happy. Thank you again for helping to give me a fresh start for the next chapter in my life.

Mrs B