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Declutter Service Case Study

One of our first projects was to tackle an outdoor space (a garage leading directly off the kitchen) that is used both for storage and as an area for smoking and socialising. Our client felt swamped, stressed and depressed by the space, not knowing where to start. She couldn’t find anything she was looking for and struggled to keep it clean because there was just too much stuff everywhere.

…Cue Holistic Cleaners…

Our team visited the client’s home, investigated the space and decided on solutions. Our initial assessment found many items being kept for potential use in the future but never actually used. Items were not organised in any logical or pleasing way and there was no system for items to be stored properly.

We then discussed the budget for storage solutions (boxes/crates/containers and labels) with the client. We like to be cost-effective, so we shop at Ikea but are more than happy to look at other cheap and creative ways to achieve the same result.

When we returned to the site with the new boxes and labels, our team of 3 people set to work, completely emptying and cleaning the space. We did a massive throw out of items such as old tiles and bits of wood left over from work done on the house, old and partly broken luggage, material off-cuts and bags of unrelated items jumbled together. We also created a box of things that we could donate to charity.

We grouped the remaining items into categories and began the boxing and labelling process. We did a deep clean and energy clearing of the area and then reorganised everything back into the space, creating a sociable and pleasing place for everyone to use.

An important part of the decluttering process is to let go emotionally. We guided our client through a ritual of saying thank you and goodbye to the stuff being thrown out, thereby making space for the new. Decluttering can often feel overwhelming, stressful and unachievable. That’s why we are always on hand to give mental and emotional support to help you through the entire process.

Decluttering requires the client’s input in terms of decision making but they do not have to participate in the actual decluttering process itself. However, should the client decide they’d like to get stuck in and help with the process, they can save money as we will need fewer staff to complete the job.

The material costs involved in this case study:

  • 10 small boxes (28 x 19 x 14 cm) = £15.00
  • 10 medium boxes (39 x 28 x 14 cm) = £27.50
  • 2 big boxes (56 x 39 x 42 cm) = £13.00
  • 2 mini chests with drawers (33 x 38 cm) = £16.00
  • TOTAL (materials) = £71.50

The labour costs:

  • 3 people worked for 6 hours
  • 3 x 6hrs = 18 hours
  • 18hrs x £15/hr
  • TOTAL (labour) = £270

Holistic Cleaners rock! I was really battling with overwhelm from all my clutter and couldn’t face tackling it alone. I was too embarrassed to ask a friend to help me and then I found your service. Your team was fantastic and the moral support and encouragement really helped me to get through the process with a sense of ease and grace. What a difference it’s made to the space and how I feel when I’m in it. I have already recommended you to some of my friends and family.

Irene Perkin