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One-off / weekly / fortnightly / monthly / 6-monthly visits

Basic energy cleaning will be provided no matter what service you chose to receive.


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If you would like more, then we also provide additional services that deepen the process, such as cosmic balancing, Celtic healing candles, feng sui, crystal placing, aromatherapy, air purifying, shamanic healing and bespoke art.

Service levels

Mini Deep

We recommend this service on a regular weekly basis. This way we can work deeper on a different room or area with each visit.

Price: £15/hour

So Deep

Extensive Cleaning that we recommend is done once every 6 months. This service has a thoroughness that goes beyond the surfaces and includes things like unpacking, cleaning and repacking cupboards, fridges and storage areas. Reaching those hard to reach spaces and leaving nothing out.

Price: £15/hour

Side Kick

Every super hero needs a sidekick. You are the hero of your home yet sometimes it feels like there is too much to handle on your own. Try our Sidekick service, where a member of our team will join you in the cleaning and decluttering process. You will be surprised at how much more you can achieve with a pair of helping hands.

Price: £15/hour

Additional services

After Party

It’s great to have a house party (people dancing in your living room is one way to clean its energy) … if only there wasn’t such a mess to wake up to the next day! Our team arrives at the end of your party to take out rubbish and recycling, tidy up and give a quick clean, so that you wake up in the morning to a sparkling home that is back in order and bursting with fresh energy.

Price: Starting from £60 (based on 2 people, 2 hours)

House Warming

When you have been away for a while, your home energy can become low. Our team will arrive before your return, to warm up your house, clean and tidy (to the level you pre-select). We can even prepare dinner, make sure you have essentials like milk and bread, and simply make it welcoming for your arrival.

Price: £15/hour + any shopping required


We remove all that doesn’t belong in your space, organising and relocating items. Valuable clutter will be sold, the rest can be taken to charity or stored in a new space, so that your house can be clutter free. Book a visit to your space for us to assess the area and discuss your needs to work out how to be clutter free.

Assessment: £40 per room/area

Feng Sui Reading & Adjustments

With Feng Shui we will create harmony and balance in your space.

You don’t need to make major changes, but if there’s anything in your life that doesn’t feel right or something that you would like to improve, with small adjustments here and there, we can achieve a sense of calmness and empower the aspects of your life where you would like to feel better.

For the consultation, our practitioner will visit your space and would preferably like to have a copy of the floor plan and a quick chat about yourselves.

Price: £250-350 depending of the size of your house


Cosmo Energy is believed to be deeply rooted in various esoteric practices, such as Buddhism and the old civilisations of Atlantis and Egypt. The balance of your home can be affected due to an old river bed, a cave or whatever existed or lived in that space. With our balancing, you can neutralise your space. Treating the ground floor will also work for all the upper floors.

Price: £5 per square meter of the ground floor
Note: Once you balance the ground floor, all floors above will benefit.


Info and price coming soon.

Crystal healing

Info and price coming soon.

Sage Cleansing

The most common herb used to clean physical and energetic space is sage. The smoke from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response. Native American Shamans ritual (white sage).


We are very proud to introduce you our associates "Pet Hugger". Their services include looking after your pet when you are away. They can pick up and drop off via their pet taxi service and keep your pet in a home environment as if he/she is their own.

Dog Walking ( £15 per hour )
Pet Boarding (£30 per day)
Pet Visits (from £15)
Pet Taxi (Depending on distance, similar to normal taxi)
Dog Wash (£20)


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Amazing service! I love how they use eco-friendly products and they even went so far as to use an air purifying robot to help with the dampness in my flat. They specifically do a deep clean on a different area of my flat each time! I've never felt so good about using a cleaning service and I would recommend this service to anyone! Thank you Holistic Cleaners!

Scott Branny